Thursday, 6 June 2013

Zedd ft Foxxes X Tiesto & Allure X Dubvision - Clarity (Annzel's Triple Patty Bootleg)

Demo Track of "Clarity (Annzel's Triple Patty Bootleg)".

Hey there, it's me again. And this time..I am going to keep it short about this bootleg. You gotta listen to find out more about this. Using the tracks, "A Pair of Dice" by Tiesto & Allure, "Clarity" by Zedd ft Foxxes, and "Committed to the Sparkles" by Dubvision, all I can say is...amazing!

Downloads are available by clicking on the image below.

 photo df1a13e4-c6bb-4937-ae68-bb4215f37bcc_zps8d465470.jpg

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Tiesto & Hardwell X Chuckie Ft. Amanda Wilson - Breaking Zero 76 (Annzel's Bootleg)

Demo track of "Breaking Zero 76".

This bootleg is one of my favourite bootlegs I ever did in 2012. I remembered playing this song twice, both different times at Avalon Singapore @ The Spider Room. And the response I received from the audience is amazing. The mood and feeling i get from playing "Zero 76" was catchy and groovy, accompanied by the drop from Chuckie's "Breaking Up".

However that's not it, you gotta listen all the way to the end to find why.

Downloads are available in the image below.

 photo 5fd8f1a2-d7d3-4c22-99a8-e45d389c5df1_zps73f51111.jpg

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Wonder Girls feat Epitone X Sandro Silva & Quintino - Epic Like Money (Annzel's Bootleg)

Here is the demo of the track below.

Hey all, I am back again with another post of my latest bootleg that i premiered it on 31st May 2013 at Club Lava Singapore.

It has been a very very busy month throughout May, and luckily, I was able to feature this track on time during the Grand Opening of Club Lava's "GANJI" K-Pop party.

In my honest opinion, I honestly this is a good party starter song, and I strongly recommend it to be used it for any Kpop parties if you ever want to get the crowd moving on their feets.

Downloads are available by clicking on the image below.  photo 0c1c0fd8-7a8b-454a-accc-e1d64429674d_zps5ba8b2d6.jpg

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

2NE1 X Alvaro - Don't Stop Making The Crowd Go (Annzel's Bootleg)

Demo track of "Don't Stop Making The Crowd Go"

Hey all, once again, here's one of my favorite bootlegs that is uploaded for download.

This time round with 2NE1's "Don't Stop The Music" and Alvaro's "Make The Crowd Go". Honestly, this bootleg is definitely the most difficult bootleg that I have ever done and, it took me almost one month of tough cueing, editing,autolooping, just to get the perfect laying for both tracks.

Ultimately, it was a major success in combining both tracks together, and to what I envision it to become. Not only the music were by 2NE1 and Alvaro, but this bootleg can be played in both K-Pop and regular electro house parties, because the vocals are all sung in English.

I honestly think this bootleg is the most flexible bootleg that I have done so far. It can be played in both K-pop or regular parties. The tune of the song is catchy, and it is definitely a good party starter track to start with.

Lastly, feel free to drop a comment about this bootleg.

Downloads are available, by clicking on the image below

 photo 054ba976-a9d2-44cb-943c-3e8a2f072f2f_zps302ac7d0.jpg